Agenda Annual General Meeting EFCS vzw

Malmö, Sweden

Wednesday 2019 June 19th Room 5 11am-1.00pm

  1. Welcome by the Secretary General (BCP) and by the Members of the Board (Henryk Domanski; Ambrogio Fassina)
  2. Approval of the minutes of the 2018 Extraordinary General Assembly in Bilbao (BCP)
  3. Financial balance (10mn): 2018
  4. Budget-2019, Annual dues
  5. Discharge of the treasurer and the board
  6. Decision concerning the EFCS contribution by European congress organisations: fixed amount/percentage  (AF)
  7. Legal affairs (10 min): information about GRPD. Decisions made in Paris concerning the new law (Belgian code on companies and associations) (LT)
  8. Congresses (30 min): preliminary report for Malmö congress (HD). Presentation of the next congresses : Wroclaw 4-7th /10/2020 (Poland; JKlijanienko); Hungary 09-10/2021 (L Vass). Other  candidacies. Discussion concerning the sequencing of the congresses (every year ? alternative every other year with the tutorial? two consecutive congresses and no EFCS congress the year of the ICC ?); proposals for companies (AF)
  9. Education working group (30 min):presentation of the proposals made during the council board meeting in Paris March 2019 concerning the Quate, Eurocytology, Cytest and tutorials (DVM); presentation of the next tutorials: Trieste 2020 (LdB/GNegri/IKholova); Marseille 2021(CBergeron/BCP); Switzerland 2022 (MB); other candidacies; Test E Path (AF); comments and participation of A Capitano; P Cross; R Veiga for comments and explanations
  10. Residents’ committee (CK and RV) (10 min)  : summarizing the actions taken since Bilbao and presentation of projects
  11. Scientific committee (MB)(15mn) : presentation of the actions taken since Bilbao and discussion about future projects.  (All affiliated members should propose scientific projects)
  12. Information about UEMS (AF); IAC (FS); EACC (V Anic/DVM)
  13. Varia . Please send your questions to BCP before the meeting.

DEADLINE EXTENDED for EFCS survey: the use of immunocytochemistry in European cytological labs

Dear colleague/EFCS member

Immunocytochemistry (ICC) on cytological material is a powerful but still demanding diagnostic tool with specific problems. We believe that an update and comprehensive overview about the application of ICC on cytological samples in European laboratories could assist us to prepare recommendations for better and more efficient ICC on cytological samples.

To reach this goal our colleagues Irena Srebotnik-Kirbis, Margareta Strojan-Flezar (Slovenia) and Ruben Roque (Portugal) prepared a survey accessible here.  This survey is user-friendly and take you no more than 10 minutes to be filled-in. The deadline for the answers is January 31st,2019.

In order to obtain as many as possible relevant responses from cytology laboratories across the Europe, we kindly ask you to disseminate this message among the colleagues in your country. Data about this survey will be presented at the 42nd European Congress of Cytology in Malmö in June 2019.

Comments and recommendations will be done under the auspices of the EFCS and the participating countries will be mentioned.

Thank you for your help and your answers.

Best regards,


Chair of the EFCS scientific committee


EFCS General Secretary