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General Information


The QUATE EXAM will be offered during the 45th ECC Congress in Leipzig from 23 to 26 June 2024.

Register here for the QUATE EXAM in English on June 24th .

Registration deadline is May 30th.

The QUATE (Quality Assurance, Training and Examinations Committee) Aptitude Test objectively assesses a cytotechnologist’s competence in screening conventional or liquid-based cervical cytology samples available in traditional Papanicoloau, Surepath or Thinprep technologies.  
It is an international examination for cytotechnologists who fulfil the criteria for accreditation in their own countries. The exam is offered at least once a year usually on the day of the opening of the European Congress of Cytology. However, it also can be held in any host country providing sufficient notice is given to the organising committee.
These additional examination sessions should ideally be organised by the relevant national cytology society or through an EFCS Council or QUATE Committee member, but approaches from other cytology training centres will be considered. The examination is intended primarily for EFCS member countries but it may be possible to offer the examination in non-European countries by prior agreement of the EFCS/QUATE committee.

The examination terminology follows the “European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Cervical Cancer Screening”.

The examination is held in English or translated into the language of the host country given sufficient time to do so.

National societies are encouraged to support QUATE examinations. If you have any questions about the exam or are interested in hosting one in your own country, please contact Asst. Professor Sandra Moslavac, Lead Examiner at sandra.moslavac@gmail.com

Further information for potential hosts is available here

Application for the QUATE Exam

Applications for the QUATE Exam must be made to and subsequently approved by, the local organiser. There are no agreed standard criteria for entry, but applicants should be aware that some European countries have rigorous entry criteria for their own “registry” examinations.

Since the QUATE Exam requires knowledge and experience, it is recommended that candidates with a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science or laboratory medicine have seen 5000 LBC or conventional cervical samples.

For example, entry to the UK Certificate in Cervical Cytology Examination, on which the Aptitude Test is based, requires candidates to have seen 5000 LBC cervical samples and completed 2 years of training in cervical cytology.

This information is provided to indicate the standard expected by the examiners.

To view the Form for Application click here:  APPLICATION FORM