2012 EFCS Tutorial – Handouts



The 5th Annual Tutorial on Cytopathology

Trondheim, Norway

Monday 28th May to
Friday 1st June 2012





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Monday 28th May 2012

Amanda Herbert :EU guidelines for reporting gynaecological cytology (translation to the Bethesda system)

Maj Liv Eide: Gynaecological cytology: technical aspects including preparation of liquid-based cytology (LBC), staining and troubleshooting

Mina Desai: Conventional smears and LBC: similarities and differences

Maj Liv Eide Non-neoplastic gynaecological cytology

Mina Desai: Squamous cell lesions (SIL) and cancer

Mina Desai: ASC-US, ASC-H, diagnostic pitfalls and look-alikes

Sveinung Sørbye: HPV testing (triage, primary screening, HPV vaccine)

Tuesday 29th May 2012

Mina Desai: Glandular lesions of the cervix

Amanda Herbert: Cervical cancer audit and EU guidelines on quality control

Maj Liv Eide: Methods and preparatory techniques in non-gynaecological cytology (special stains, cell blocks, ICC, ISH, other molecular methods)

Karmen Ostovic: Urine Cytology

Wednesday 30th May 2012

Torill Sauer: Cytological diagnostics of breast FNAC

Jaroslava Duskova: Bethesda classification of thyroid FNAC and EFCS working party report

Jaroslava Duskova: Thyroid FNAC

Anna Bofin: Immunocytochemistry and molecular diagnostics in cytology

Annika Dejmek: Effusions, including immunocytochemistry



Thursday 31st May 2012

Peter Jebsen: Respiratory Cytology, including EBUS

Leena Krogerus: Biliary tract and Pancreas Cytology, including EUS-FNA

Edneia Tani: Lymph nodes: non-neoplastic conditions
Edneia Tani: Lymph nodes : lymphoma and metastatic malignancy with immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry

Friday 1st June 2012

Peter Jebsen: Salivary gland FNAC