August-September 2014 – editor’s Choice

2014-08 CoverEditor’s Choice: Cytopathology 2014;25(4)

Two review articles in this issue take cytopathology from its earliest origins (Diamanetis and Magiorkinis) to its latest developments and opportunities. Martins, Beca and Schmitt describe developments in the molecular biology of metastasis in a review selected as Editor’s choice for free access during August and September.  As treatment of cancer becomes increasingly targeted and personalised, and patients with cancer and even metastases live longer, FNA provides a tool for repeatedly but safely examining tumour evolution during the course of disease.  Their article focuses on breast cancer but is relevant to tumours at other sites.  Several articles in this issue demonstrate the potential of cytology with ancillary techniques in the diagnosis of lymphoproliferative disorders at different anatomical sites.

Editor’s choice

D.Martins, F. Beca and F. Schmitt.

Metastatic breast cancer: mechanisms and opportinities for cytology.

Cytopathology 2014;25(4):225-230.