The Web Pages of Cytotechnologists

A Web Site of the European Advisory Committee of Cytotechnology (EACC) has been created into the EFCS enviromnent.

What is the Goal of this Activity?

In Europe there are about 4000 Cytotechnologists.
Without their constant dedicated work, the fight against cervical cancer would be impossible.
With this web based communication tool we try to increase the communication of cytotechnological delegates from all countries in Europe under the auspices of the EFCS.

  • EACC Committee members
  • Regulations of the EACC
  • Cytology links
  • Interactive Slide Seminar, European Congress of Cytology in Lisbon, 2009

This is for the time beeing. We may want to add something later.

Thank you for the cooperation of all colleagues and contributors.

Maj Liv Eide
Secretary of EACC