2012 February and March – Editor’s Choice

2012_01_CytopathologyEditor’s Choice: Cytopathology 2012;23(1)

An article in Cytopathology by Austin and Zhao has been selected as Editor’s Choice for free access during February and March.  The authors describe cervical cancer cases, collectively referred to as Type 2 cancers, which may be difficult to prevent.  Their medicolegal experience in the U.S.A. is relevant to practice in other countries where ‘invasive cancer audits’ often reveal cancers in young women who have previously been screened.  Two national audits are also reported: Castanon et al. from the NHSCSP in England and Repše-Fokter et al. from Slovenia.  The editorial puts these rare cancers in the context of accurately detected CIN3; and focuses on the challenges of screening young women if these difficult Type 2 cancers are to be prevented or at least detected.

Editor’s choice
Type 1 and type 2 cervical carcinomas: some cervical cancers are more difficult to prevent with screening (pages 6-12)

R.M. Austin and C. Zhao

Other articles on the same theme
Review of cytology and histopathology as part of the NHS Cervical Screening Programme audit of invasive cervical cancers (pages 13-22)
A. Castanon, S. Ferryman, J. Patnick and P. Sasieni


Review of negative and low-grade cervical smears in women with  invasive cervical cancer after the first 3 years of the national screening programme in Slovenia (pages 23-29)
A. Repše-Fokter, A. Pogačnik, V. Snoj, M. Primic-Žakelj and M. Strojan Fležar

The challenge of cervical screening: to find and treat high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia at risk of progression in women of childbearing age (pages 3-5)
A. Herbert