2011 Apr – Editor’s Choice

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Among a series of articles in the April issue, Evered and Dudding shows how a group of experienced cytologists took to digital cytology. Although the technology seemed to be as accurate as glass microscopy, there was an important caveat: “without good computer network connections, wide focal range and software that permits effortless navigation across virtual slides, cytologists are unlikely to be convinced of the utility of this technology for cytology screening and diagnosis.”

Accuracy and perceptions of virtual microscopy compared with glass slide microscopy in cervical cytology (pages 82–87)
A. Evered and N. Dudding


Please also read in the same issue the editorial by Professor Liron Pantanowitz and colleagues, and several other articles on the same theme, including information about three-dimensional z-axis and video technology:


Digital imaging for cytopathology: are we there yet? (pages 73–74)
L. Pantanowitz, A. V. Parwani and W. E. Khalbuss

The use of digital images to evaluate the interobserver agreement on cervical smear readings in Italian cervical cancer screening (pages 75–81)

G. Tinacci, A. Biggeri, A. Pellegrini, M. P. Cariaggi, M. L. Schiboni and M. Confortini

Cytodiagnosis through use of a z-axis video by volunteer observers: a promising tool for external quality assessment (pages 88–94)

K. Yamashiro, M. Tagami, K. Azuma, A. Nakamura, O. Kato, K. Taira, M. Azuma, H. Takeda and H. Suzuki