2011 June & July – Editor’s Choice

Cytopathology_2011-06The following paper has been selected by the Editor for FREE access to all during June and July 2011

An article from Italy by Piana et al. publishing excellent results of a large series of thyroid FNAs has been selected as Editor’s choice for June and July.
Their results using a five-tier classification demonstrate the usefulness in terms of risk of malignancy of subdividing the C3 category; this study gives 
weight to the six-tier system recommended in the new Bethesda classification, which was summarised in a review article by Layfield et al. published 
in April 2010 (also FREE access).  Your attention is also drawn to the European survey of thyroid cytopathology reporting, which was published in the same issue,


Editor’s choice June and July 2011
Is a five-category reporting scheme for thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology accurate? Experience of over 18 000 FNAs reported at the same institution during 1998–2007 (pages 164–173)
S. Piana, A. Frasoldati, M. Ferrari, R. Valcavi, E. Froio, V. Barbieri, C. Pedroni and G. Gardini

Related articles for your attention
Thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology: a review of the National Cancer Institute state of the science symposium (pages 75–85) (FREE access)
L. J. Layfield, E. S. Cibas and Z. Baloch

Diagnostic terminology for reporting thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology: European Federation of Cytology Societies thyroid working party symposium, Lisbon 2009 (pages 86–92)
G. Kocjan, B. Cochand-Priollet, P. P. De Agustin, C. Bourgain, A. Chandra, Y. Daneshbod, A. Deery, J. Duskova, C. Ersoz, G. Fadda, A. Fassina, P. Firat, B. Jimenez-Ayala, P. Karakitsos, O. Koperek, N. Matesa, D. Poller, L. Thienpont, A. Ryska, U. Schenck, T. Sauer, F. Schmitt, E. Tani, T. Toivonen, M. Tötsch, G. Troncone, L. Vass and P. Vielh