2012 June and July – Editor’s Choice

2012_06_coverEditor’s Choice: Cytopathology 2012;23(3)
The theme of ‘Women’s Perceptions of Cervical Screening’ opens with an editorial by Philip Davies about the need for greater public understanding of the complex issues involved as vaccination is progressively introduced.  A review article by Sanjiv Manek about his innovative ‘Pathology Clinic’ in Oxford, where diagnoses such as cervical cancer and ovarian tumours are discussed face-to-face with patients, is selected as Editor’s choice for free access during June and July.  Attention is drawn to other articles on the same theme: on defaulters from follow-up in the TOMBOLA trial, women’s preferences for management of low-grade cytological abnormalities and their response to disclosure of cervical cancer reviews.

Editor’s choice
S. Manek
The pathology clinic – pathologists should see patients
Cytopathology 2012;23:146-149.

Related articles in the same issue
P. Davies
Public awareness of cervical cancer screening
Cytopathology 2012;23:143-145.


L. Sharp, S. Cotton, A. Thornton, N. Gray, D. Whynes, L. Smart, N. Waugh, I. Duncan, M. Cruickshank and J. Little, on behalf of TOMBOLA
Cytopathology 2012;23:150-160.

M.Z. Sadique and R. Legood.  Women’s preferences regarding management of atypical, borderline or low-grade cervical cytological abnormalities: a review of the guidelines
Cytopathology 2012;23:161-166.

M.E. Frederiksen, E. Lynge and M. Rebolj. (Letter)
Cytopathology 2012;23:201-202.

Prabakar, E.L. Moss, G. Douce, J. Parkes and C.W.E. Redman
Review of invasive cervical cancers and uptake of disclosure of results: and audit of procedures and response
Cytopathology 2012;23:167-171.