2011 August & September – Editor’s Choice

Cytopathology_2011-06The following papers have been selected by the Editor for FREE access to all during August and September 2011

A comprehensive article on technical aspects and interpretation of immunocytochemistry for diagnosis and targeted therapy has been selected as Editor’s choice for August and September. Skoog and Tani give us the benefit of their unrivaled experience during the last 20 years at the Karolinska Hospital. Theirs is the lead article in a themed issue largely devoted to immunocytochemistry. Your attention is also drawn to the editorial by Vielh, the results of an EFCS survey and of the UK-NEQAS ICC (cytology module), and several other articles on applications of immunocytochemistry and a method for making LBC control specimens.

Editor’s Choice

Immunocytochemistry: an indispensable technique in routine cytology.
L. Skoog and E. Tani

Immunocytochemistry 2011: the State of the Art

Towards credible immunocytochemical findings.
P. Vielh

External quality control for immunocytochemistry on cytology samples: a review of UK NEQAS ICC (cytology module) results.
I.S. Kirbis, P. Maxwell, M.S. Fležar, et al.

Immunocytochemistry in Europe: results of the European Federation of Cytology Societies (EFCS) inquiry.
B. Davidson, A. Bondi and P. Vielh

Control specimens for immunocytochemistry in liquid-based cytology.
T. Hansen, H. Pedersen, V. Brauner , et al.

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