2011 December & 2012 January – Editor’s Choice

2011_11_FrontPageThe following papers have been selected by the Editor for FREE access to all during December 2011 and January 2012

An article in Cytopathology by Pang et al., demonstrates how molecular analysis is ideally dealt with: the same laboratory using biopsies, cell blocks, or cells taken directly from cytological slides, depending on the material available and clinical need; but always controlling the ratio of malignant:non-malignant cells in the sample with cytomorphology. The authors conclude that these “samples would be highly valuable in cases where cytological samples are the only material available for mutation testing.” You are also recommended to read the accompanying editorial by Fernando Schmitt, which refers to several other articles on related topics published in the same issue.

Editor’s Choice

KRAS and BRAF mutation analysis can be reliably performed on aspirated cytological specimens of metastatic colorectal carcinoma
N. K. B. Pang et al.

Molecular biology and flow cytometry: pre-analytical procedures matter
F. Schmitt.