2012 December – Editor’s Choice

2012 12Editor’s Choice: Cytopathology 2012;23(6)

The third edition of Achievable standards, benchmarks for reporting, and criteria for evaluating cervical cytopathology is presented in this issue by J.H.F. Smith and R. Blanks and selected as Editor’s choice for free access during December and January. R. Dina and D. Argamosa tabulate the differences between ABC3 and ABC2. The new performance measures are relevant to any cervical screening programme that uses HPV triage; and the new guidelines for referral of women with low-grade cytological abnormalities should be essential reading for colpscopists, and gynaecological pathologists whether or not they report cytology. ABC3 should be considered in the context of the sensitivity and specificity of HPV tests and the clinical implications of borderline/atypical glandular and squamous cells as discussed in several other articles in this issue.

Editor’s Choice
ABC3 Part I: a review of the guidelines for terminology, classification and management of cervical cytology in England
J.H.F. Smith
Free contentCytopathology 2012;23(6): 353–359.

ABC3 Part II: a review of the new criteria for evaluating cervical cytology in England
R.G. Blanks
Free contentCytopathology 2012;23(6): 360–370.

The NHS Cervical Screening Programme criteria for evaluating cervical cytology: comparison of the new with the old
R. Dina and D. Argamosa
Free contentCytopathology 2012;23(6):349–352.