Eurocytology is a web site developed in a multinational and multilingual project, partially financed by the European Commission.

The purpose is to provide an image bank of carefully selected images together with supporting text and references to provide a unified platform of training and professional education for cytotechnologists and cytopathologists engaged in all aspects of clinical cytology screening and diagnosis.

The Eurocytology website training program has been validated by the EACC and accredited by the partners academic institutions who  have incorporated it into their respective academic training programs (Masters of Science and Diploma courses) It is intended that trainees will have the opportunity to acquire credits for training and preparation for the QUATE test offered by the European Federation of Cytology Societies and Continuing Professional Education Programs available at national levels.

Several modules have just been developed and published in English language and partially translated in Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian and Greek languages.

Digital slide documentations and multilingual self evaluation tests will be soon available.

Explore the Eurocytology pages now and send your comments and suggestions to Roberto Dina , Chairman of the project (Department of Histopathology and Cytology, Faculty of Medicine,Imperial College, London, United Kingdom)