Hellenic Society of Clinical Cytology on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear Philippe, Martin, Fernando and all collegues,


After all these comments from different countries, for integral,  sub,  super cytology etc  and with our  experience  as medical doctors cytopathologists, since 1962   (more than half a century ), when GN Papanicolaou  created our specialty  here in Greece,  we strongly support  that cytopathology must be a specialty.

Only few months or more, for integral cytopathology  and not only for Pap smears or other…, is not enough   in our  opinion for a fully cared quick diagnosis.

Cytopathology is every day in evolution. Few months for training is too much short. It must be,  at least, three years.


Concerning the representants  in UEMS, we strongly support that Greek cytopathologists, as members of EFCS and IAC since years,  must be represented by themselves and not by others.


Is Greek Society of Pathology  a EFCS or IAC member?

Do they have the right to vote at UEMS meeting ( I think no ) for or against the future of cytology while here in Greece , we do not work together, we have different departments with those of cytopathology fully organized,  we have no contacts, because we have different specialties by law ?

My best


Dr Chara Margari MD


President of the Hellenic Society of Clinical Cytology