The Indian Academy of Cytology

Indian Academy of Cytology

The EFCS Council, in the Edinburgh Meeting (17th May 2010), accepted the affiliation of the Indian Academy of Cytology.
The Indian Academy of Cytology thanks Dr P.Vielh and all the members for giving India this affiliation.

Indian Academy of Cytology

The India Academy of Cytology (IAC) was founded in 1970 and has around 1300 members.
The India Academy conducts regular scientific programs. This years Annual National Conference will be CYTOCON 2010 to be held in Eastern Zonal Cultural Center, Salt Lake Kolkata between 25th to  28th  November 2010.
The topics to be covered are CME in Bone Tumors, Moderator Dr. R. G. Wiseman Pinto. The IAC Academy Oration by Dr. Philippe Vielh (France) besides there will be Workshops, Slide Seminars, Proferred Free Papers & Poster presentations.
The website of the conference is

The IAC also organized an International CME in GOA on 8th, 9th & 10th April 2010. The Faculty were Dr.Jerzy Klijanienko (France), Dr. Alain Verhest (Belgium), Dr. C.S.P. Sosai (Sri Lanka), Dr.Arun Chitale ( India) and Dr. R.G.Wiseman Pinto ( India).
This CME was coordinated and chaired by Dr. R.G.Wiseman Pinto.

In addition, the IAC will also organize an International CME in GOA on 10th, 11th and 12th February 2011. The Faculty includes Dr.Jerzy Klijanienko (France) who will speak on FNAC of Soft Tissues, FNAC of Thyroid & FNAC of Retroperitoneum, Dr.Fernando Schmitt (Portugal) who will speak on FNAC of Breast, Molecular Cytopathology and Lung Cytopathology, Dr. Aileen Wee (Singapore) who will speak on Urinary Bladder Biopsies & GIT Polyps. Dr. Anita Borges (India) who will speak on Ovarian Tumors, Quality control, Lymphomas & Dr. R.G.Wiseman Pinto (India) who will speak on Testicular Lesion, This CME will be coordinated by Dr. R.G.Wiseman Pinto.

Thanking you,

Dr. R.G.Wiseman Pinto.