Agenda Annual General Meeting EFCS vzw

Malmö, Sweden

Wednesday 2019 June 19th Room 5 11am-1.00pm

  1. Welcome by the Secretary General (BCP) and by the Members of the Board (Henryk Domanski; Ambrogio Fassina)
  2. Approval of the minutes of the 2018 Extraordinary General Assembly in Bilbao (BCP)
  3. Financial balance (10mn): 2018
  4. Budget-2019, Annual dues
  5. Discharge of the treasurer and the board
  6. Decision concerning the EFCS contribution by European congress organisations: fixed amount/percentage  (AF)
  7. Legal affairs (10 min): information about GRPD. Decisions made in Paris concerning the new law (Belgian code on companies and associations) (LT)
  8. Congresses (30 min): preliminary report for Malmö congress (HD). Presentation of the next congresses : Wroclaw 4-7th /10/2020 (Poland; JKlijanienko); Hungary 09-10/2021 (L Vass). Other  candidacies. Discussion concerning the sequencing of the congresses; proposals for companies (AF)
  9. Education working group (30 min):presentation of the proposals made during the council board meeting in Paris March 2019 concerning the Quate, Eurocytology, Cytest and tutorials (DVM); presentation of the next tutorials: Trieste 2020 (LdB/GNegri/IKholova); Marseille 2021(CBergeron/BCP); Switzerland 2022 (MB); other candidacies; Test E Path (AF); comments and participation of A Capitano; P Cross; R Veiga for comments and explanations
  10. Residents’ committee (CK and RV) (10 min)  : summarizing the actions taken since Bilbao and presentation of projects
  11. Scientific committee (MB)(15mn) : presentation of the actions taken since Bilbao and discussion about future projects.  (All affiliated members should propose scientific projects)
  12. Information about UEMS (AF); IAC (FS); EACC (V Anic/DVM)
  13. Varia . Please send your questions to BCP before the meeting.