Czech Society of Pathologists on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear colleagues,

Czech Society of Pathologists committee discussed the cytopathology subspecialty item.

We consider cytopathology diagnostics a part of basic pathology education which should remain a compulsory subject for each trainee in the framework of other skills trained – necropsy, biopsy, cytopathology diagnostics.
To produce a unified model of pathology postgraduate education comparable on a European level we would vote for defined quantitative and qualitative criteria (spectrum of activities trained- like e.g. gyne-, fluids, FNABs… ) comparable to other fields of training (autopsy, biopsy) for a unified board examination.

Best regards.

Ass. Prof. Jaroslava Dušková, MD, PhD., FIAC

Inst Pathol. 1st Faculty of Medicine,
Charles University,
Studničkova 2
12800 Praha 2
Czech Rep.
tel.+420  224 968 688