Important point on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear Colleagues

I think you are raising an important point here. The word subspecialisation needs to be kept an eye for cytopathology is applicable to all clinical subspecialities – consider intraoperative imprint cytology in neuropathology, paediatric FNAC, even touch imprints in post mortem diagnosis.   The basic training in the common trunk needs to be sufficient to train pathologists in the principles of cytopathology as a whole, so they can decide whether to specialise in it further (as a whole), or apply it properly (and, or course, competently) in their chosen clinical subspecialities.

We used the term ‘super-speciality’ (it’s nice to see it used again by Jaroslava Duskova) in the survey report published in Cytopathology (Anshu et al.).

Good luck at the meeting.

Best wishes

Amanda Herbert