Netherlands Society for Pathology on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear All

We have told our representative at the UEMS meeting to state The Netherlands Society for Pathology (NVVP) represents all (cyto)pathologists in the Netherlands.

Like the Danes and the Swiss, we feel that cytopathology is an integral part of pathology and its training should be an integral part of the common trunk.

Currently, training for neuropathology, dermatopathology and forensic pathologic are equally integrated in the specialization of pathology while additional courses support the detailed knowledge that is required these pathology branches, but they remain within the speciality.
Therefore, it is currently not desirable to fence off cytopathology as a separate subspeciality.

It should be clear that we feel that the EFCS should play a role in formulating teaching requirements for cytopathology for the UEMS.


EFCS representatives for the NVVP

Dr B Lelie,    Dr A Grefte

Netherlands Society for Pathology