Swiss Society of Cytology on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear All

Cytopathology IS in Switzerland a definite SUBSPECIALTY of pathology, similar to Molecular Pathology. We strongly feel that it should stay that way.

All pathologist in Switzerland have 6 months of cytopathology training for general pathology. Cytopathologist need additional 12 months of specific training. Most (if not all) cytopathologist practice both in histopathology and cytopathology, which is a tremendous advantage for all parties involved. Our cytopatholgy training is very interesting, comprising extensively gynecological cytology, but also ultrasound guided fine needle aspirations performed by cytopatholgists themselves with good quality samples, application of auxiliary methods including molecular pathology and extensive contacts with the clinics. There are many young pathologist, who are interested in this additional cytopathology training, since they recognize the advantages of combining the two diagnostic approaches (not achievable in the obligatory 6 months prior to board examination in pathology).

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PD Beata Bode-Lesniewska

President of the Swiss Society of Cytology

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