UEMS-meeting in Split/Croatia

Dear all,

The UEMS-meeting in Split/Croatia is approaching and will take place next weekend. The 25th of April Philippe was asking you to get in contact with your national representants at this meeting in order to obtain as much positive replies when there is the decision, if Cytology should be considered as a subspeciality of Pathology or not.

Up to now, just Belgium, Italy, Croatia and Greece were answering, their comments were put on the website of EFCS. May I kindly remind all others, that future of cytology in Europe might be at stake and we run the risk that cytology will be regarded as integral part of pathology which does not need specific training. In my eyes, the consequences of that will be,

  • that there will be no emphasizing the importance of qualified training in that topic in a very short period,
  • loss of reputation of cytology with consecutive reduced number of young colleagues interested in that topic,
  • few progress in scientific approach to cytology, etc.

Please consider all these aspects and try your very best
Have a nice weekend and a busy Monday

M. Tötsch, M.D.


Treasurer of the EFCS
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