Toward UEMS-Pathology Meeting

UEMS_LogoDear UEMS President, dear Claude Cuvelier,

In the absence of any answer to the letter sent to you on July 6, 2010 and then to the series of emails sent to you, Fernando Schmitt, Martin Toetsch and myself have decided to publish the contents of this letter in the recent issue (2011:22(1);68-69) of the journal Cytopathology.

This is to encourage the representants of the different National Societies of Cytology, gathered under the umbrella of the European Federation Societies of Cytology (EFCS), to get in contact with their respective representants of the UEMS and ask them to officially put this subject at the next UEMS-Pathology meeting, scheduled in Split May 21, 2011.

In doing that our aim is to have an open and official debate instead of turning down our request point-blank.

With our best regards,

Philippe Vielh
EFCS General Secretary

Answer of Claude Cuvelier

10th  March  2011

Dear friends, dear Martin, dear Fernando,

As discussed, I want to repeat the main content of our conversation which was the following:

  1. Basically I did not react to the Secretary’s writing because of technical problems I was unable to answer;
  2. I fully agree with our common established statements that we made in Porto now almost a year ago and
  3. I will support formal agreement with regard to Cytology at the UEMS meeting in Split next May.

I am convinced that our cozy meeting will have contributed to a further good relationship between the EFCS and the UEMS section/board of Pathology.

Best wishes



Prof. dr. Claude Cuvelier
Head Academic Department of Pathology         
Ghent University
UZG Blok A 5th floor
De Pintelaan 185
B 9000 Ghent                                                                                                 SEE COMMENTS IN THE EFCS BLOG