October 2014

2014 09Editor’s Choice: Cytopathology 2014; 25(5)

The extended role of cytotechnologists is the theme of the October issue and a review by E.G. Barr Fritcher and her co-authors from the Mayo Clinic is selected as Editor’s choice.  This reviewdemonstrates not only the value ofFISH in improving the accuracy of endoscopic pancreatobiliary brushings but also the role of cytotechnologists in carrying out the procedure.  A survey of cytotechnologists’ training (Anic and Eide), a Discussion Forum focused on Europe (Herbert et al.) and an editorial by H. G. Wiener all consider the implications for training of the increasing demand for cytotechnologists in non-gynaecological cytology at a time when their role in cytological cervical screening may be decreasing.  Two articles (Breeze et al. and Shield et al.) demonstrate the role of cytotechnologists in rapid on-site evaluation of FNAs. 

Please note that the full series of five articles on this theme in the October issue will be free access for the remaining months of 2014.    

Editor’s choice:

E.G. Barr Fritcher, B.R. Kipp, K.C. Halling and A.C. Clayton.
FISHing for pancreatobiliary tract malignancy in endoscopic brushings enhances the sensitivity of routine cytology
Cytopathology 2014;25(5):288-301