The Story of European CytoPathology

A collection of documents on the history, mission and future of cytopathology is harvested here: testimonies of those who lived the experiences of cytology as a pioneer in Europe and worldwide. We would like contributions , supports, criticisms and suggestions to make this session more interesting and participated. If you have material for publication here, please contact

Movie Presentation
roots_of_pathology Istanbul
The Pathologist’s role explained to the people: the invisible roots that support and strengthen clinical medicine. A movie prepared by the Italian Society of Pathology SIAPEC (text in English or in Portuguese languages, voices in Italian language). A bunch of interesting, entertaining and informative events on the history of Cyto-Pathology by Dr Nadir Paksoy, actually presented in the Plenary section under the title of “Residents puzzles”, at the 36th European Congress of Cytology held in Istanbul on 21-25 September 2011
WebSite Presentation
EFCS_oldweb EFCS_Story
A partial copy (what has been possible to recover) of the first version of the EFCS WebSite, managed by Alain Verhest A 37-years tale! Lecture by O.A.H. Husain at the
30th European Congress of Cytology in Athens, prepared with the contribute of Gabrijela Kocjan and rescued also thanks to Louis Thienpont.
Editorial Presentation

EFCS from 1969 to 1989
The pioneers: an editorial in Acta Cytologica (1996)
and a page from the EFCS Bulletin (Housain, 1998)
Cytotechnologists 40 years after. A survey in Europe by Veronica Anic on education and training for Cytotechs.