United in Split

UEMS_Logo Totsch’s Presenation in Istanbul
concerning the UEMS meeting
in Split 2011

Letter sent before Istanbul

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the annual meeting of the UEMS Section/Board of Pathology has taken place in Split on May 21st, 2011.
Two major issues have been discussed there which are relevant for the EFCS and I want to summarize them shortly:

  1. After five years of discussion, a training charter for Pathology has been established which will implicate no major modifications for most members of the EFCS.
    • Cytopathology is regarded as an integral part of Pathology and basic knowledge must be obtained by adequate training.
    • The duration of training in Pathology is five years comprising a common trunk – preferentially four years, a minimum of three years is defined.  This will be used for training in Neuropathology – and might be used by our Greek and Croatian colleagues if wished.
    • UEMS is not talking about subspecialisation, specialisation or superspecialisation anymore, but there will be advanced/additional competences in neuropathology, cytopathology, pediatric pathology, …
    • Certificate for that advanced level of competence stays within the authority of the national Board of recognition.
    • The complete text will be published on the website of the EFCS asap.
  2. Due to the proposition of the EFCS, there will be a statement of the UEMS, European Board of Pathology concerning the use of molecular pathology within the next two weeks. This might be of special interest for those, who combine microscopy and supporting techniques such as molecular pathology for the detection of HPV, etc. This statement will be published on the website of the EFCS asap.

Finally I want to thank all National Societies for their constructive comments, see our website, and the personal support by Prof. Ambrogio Fassina, Italy and Dr. László Vass, Hungary who helped me during the animated discussion which took place in Split.

If there are any questions or the wish to discuss the consequences of this Training Charter, please contact me by Mail.
But not this week, if possible, actually I am visiting our Greek friends in Athens. 
Final comments, remarks or propositions will be discussed at the Board Member Meeting of EFCS in Istanbul.

Looking forward to see you there

Martin Tötsch
Treasurer of the EFCS/Delegate of the ECS at the UEMS meetings