2010 Dec – Virtual issue

Cytopathology Virtual Issue, December 2010 strawberry

This virtual issue has been selected to demonstrate the diversity of papers published bi-monthly in Cytopathology
Sigurdsson, from Iceland, describes the results of one of the most effective cervical screening programmes in the world, along with recent data on high-risk HPV prevalence as they move towards screening in the ‘age of vaccination’.  Farnsworth writes from experience in Australia, one of the first countries to introduce vaccination in a well-screened population.

Wright et al. and Blanks, both from the UK, demonstrate how positive predictive value of cervical cytology is crucial to monitoring performance.
Much needed Codes of Practice on non-gynaecological cytopathology were produced by the British Society for Clinical Cytology (Chandra et al, and Kocjan et al.). 
Zeppo et al. demonstrate the role of flow cytometry as an adjunct to fine needle aspiration (FNA) cytology in the diagnosis of lymphoma and Das et al. describe the diagnostic cytological features of large cell anaplastic lymphoma.  In a letter to the editor, Fassina et al. challenge the widely perceived risks of FNA cytology in liver malignancy and describe their experience of the safety and clinical value the procedure.

Editorial – 2010;21(4)
Cervical screening in the era of HPV vaccination (pages 211–212)
A. Farnsworth.

Review article – 2010;21(4)
Cervical cancer: cytological cervical screening in Iceland and implications of HPV vaccines (pages 213–222)
K. Sigurdsson

Original article – 2010;21(6)
Comparison of SurePath® and ThinPrep® liquid-based cervical cytology using positive predictive value, atypical predictive value and total predictive value as performance indicators (pages 374–378)
P. K. Wright, J. Marshall and M. Desai

Original article – 2010;21(6)
Using a graph of the abnormal predictive value versus the positive predictive value for the determination of outlier laboratories in the National Health Service cervical screening programme (pages 379–388)
R. G. Blanks

Original article – 2010;21(5)
Fine needle aspiration cytology and flow cytometry immunophenotyping of non-Hodgkin lymphoma: can we do better? (pages 300–310)
P. Zeppa, E. Vigliar, I. Cozzolino, G. Troncone, M. Picardi, A. De Renzo, F. Grimaldi, F. Pane, A. Vetrani and Lucio Palombini

Original article – 2010;21(4)
Anaplastic large cell lymphoma: a critical evaluation of cytomorphological features in seven cases (pages 251–258)
P. Das, V. K. Iyer, S. R. Mathur and R. Ray

Review article -2009;20(5)
BSCC Code of Practice – fine needle aspiration cytology (pages 283–296)
G. Kocjan, A. Chandra, P. Cross, K. Denton, T. Giles, A. Herbert, P. Smith, D. Remedios and P. Wilson
Review article – 2010;20(4)
The BSCC Code of Practice – exfoliative cytopathology (excluding gynaecological cytopathology) (pages 211–223)
A. Chandra, P. Cross, K. Denton, T. Giles, D. Hemming, C. Payne, A. Wilson and P. Wilson
Letter to the editor – 2010;21(6)
Seeding of tumour cells after fine needle aspiration cytology in liver nodules: myth or reality? (pages 413–414)
A. Fassina, M. Fabbro, R. Cappellesso and M. Fassan