EACC Regulations (2013)



The EACC’s aims and activities include all subjects concerning the Cytotechnologist (CT) profession and are responsible for the European Special Session for Cytotechnologist to be held during the annual European Congress of Cytology.

The committee is composed of Members, Chairperson and Secretary.


Members are nominated to sit in the EACC by the National Cytotechnology/Cytology Society in their home country; preferably one per European country. If more than one National Society exist in the country, it is possible that each Society have a member in EACC.
Membership of the EACC is by Society and not by individual. A retiring member is succeeded by a Cytotechnologist elected in his/her country for the EACC.
The elected member should preferably serve for at least 4 years.

Request for admission:

A request for admission of a National Cytotechnology/Cytology Society representative person for membership, shall be submitted to the Chairperson and Secretary of the EACC accompanied with a recommendation letter from the chair or secretary of the National Cytotechnology/Cytology Society that contains personal data of the proposed member/representative (name, surname, the full name and address of the National Society which the mentioned person will represent, institution and address of employment, contact telephone number and email address).

1. A member should fulfil the following requirements:

  • live and work in the country he/she represents and be reasonably fluent in written and oral English
  • be a highly qualified Cytotechnologist with experience in the cytotechnology profession e.g. morphology, immunological and/or molecular- biological techniques
  • be acquainted with the national situation concerning cytotechnology e.g. education, certification, official recognition of the certificate, responsibilities, salaries, continuing education and associated with the national society
  • should have experience at managerial level (i.e. Chief CT, member of a professional board, teacher)
  • to be in a position to attend European Cytology congresses, and thus  participate in the annual EACC Meeting and in the Special Session for Cytotechnologists
  • to actively suggest subjects for discussion at the EACC meetings
  • to invite Cytotechnologists from his/her own country to participate in the programme of  the Special Session for Cytotechnologists, to present a lecture, a case history, a slide seminar or  workshop
  • notify the Secretary on any changes in personal data

2. The Secretary of the EACC is appointed by its members and preferably for a 4 year term of office with the possibility of re-election.


  • draw up and distribute the agenda of the next annual EACC Meeting in collaboration with the Chairperson.
  • record and send the minutes of the meeting to the members within 2 months
  • send a copy of the minutes to the Secretary of the EFCS after each meeting
  • organize the Special Session for Cytotechnologists, when feasible, in co-operation with the EACC members and the national organizers appointed to assist the EFCS Secretary
  • inform the Chairperson regularly of the progress in the organisation of the Special Session
  • regular and timely inform the members of EACC of any changes and updates.

3.  The Chairperson should:

  • preferably have been a member of the board of the EACC
  • should preferably serve for at least 4 years
  • chair the annual EACC Meeting
  • chair the Special Session for Cytotechnologists

At least half of the members must be present or represented at the meeting in order to make decisions or changes in the regulations. Decisions are taken by simple majority of the votes. In the event of an equality of votes, the chairperson or the one charing the meeting will have the casting vote. The annual EACC Meeting takes place at every European Congress of Cytology. It is important to ensure that time, rooms and other practical details are attended to in co-operation with the local organisers.
A non member can attend the meeting only if approval is given by the Chairperson and the Secretary of EACC.
The Special Session for Cytotechnologists is organized by the EACC in co-operation with the host country. The session is chaired by the Chairperson of EACC. If the Chairperson is unable to attend, the secretary will chair the session.

Paris, 29/5/2013