Database management

How to manage the EFCS Database.

This is a short movie with the instruction to manage the EFCS database that contains:

  2. The Officers of the Societies. Among these officers each Country must appoint two people as EFCS ACTIVE MEMBERS.

To see the names of the various members, refer to the Fed Members > Members List item of the horizontal menu.

Each Society can manage the names of the Officers and of the Active Members accessing the reserved pages through the LOGIN SOCIETIES item in the left column of the home page. To enter you must have an account (assigned by the Webmaster): the username is the name of the country (i.e. France, Spain etc.) and the password has once been notified to the President of the Society.

If you don’t remember, or you don’t know, the password, use the Lost Password utility: you need anywhere the e-mail address inserted in the form of your Society (check the first e-mail address upon your country name item in the Fed Members list – horizontal menu). If the e-mail is wrong or absent, send an e-mail to


Video 4,30 min. lasting