EFCS Council Meeting 2012


The Secretary General of the EFCS shall convene the General Meeting 2012 in Cavtat (Criatia), Hotel Croatie – Hall 2 Bobar, Sunday September 30th, 2012, from 12:00 to 16:00.  AGENDA –  ELECTIONS.

Only Active Members of EFCS may attend the meeting (Statute, Title IV): the list of persons who are entitled to attend and to vote at the meeting is published here.

Active Members must be appointed by a National Cytological Organization (Statute, Article 6); the number of Active Members il limited to two each country.

Every organisation is to pay an annual membership fee to the Federation Treasurer. The Officers of the Federated Societies are strongly encouraged to check and properly update the EFCS Database on line, in this website.

Till today (September 5th), no Active Member is recorded for Romania and some Countries have one delegate only (Denmark, Germany and Poland) !! If needed assistance in database updating, please contact webmaster@efcs.eu