UEMS-Pathology in Split May 21, 2011

This is a comment to the letter of EFCS Secretary – see UEMS-Pathology in Split May 21, 2011

Dear all

The system for delivery of gynaecological cytology in the UK is shifting to the use of a small number of large laboratories, to improve quality and efficiency. This means that the large majority of pathologists will never see gynaecologic cytology in their routine practice.

As a result the Royal College of Pathologists now has a cellular pathology curriculum where gynaecological pathology is optional. To do otherwise would be an absurd waste of resources.

Hence, whatever cytopathologists may wish, I cannot agree that gynaecological cytopathology must form part of the common trunk of pathology training.

Harmonisation of specialist training depends on or assumes harmonisation of service delivery. Service delivery is not harmonised. We must stop trying to put the cart in front of the horse.

Yours sincerely

Peter Furness


Professor Peter Furness
The Royal College of Pathologists