Portuguese Society of Cytology on UEMS Meeting 2011

Dear All

Portuguese medical organization has no representative at the Split meeting.

In Portugal, cytopathology belongs to pathology. During the 5 year training cytopathology is integrated at 3 different levels:  gynecological, exfoliative and FNA. It is up to the training centers to manage the timing for these, but after the training period, it is integrated at the daily practice. The final exam will address pathology and cytology items. In some centers there is a dedicated lab for cytology. Pathologists particularly interested, but with no further examination or certificate, are designated as cytopathologists.

We feel that integration of knowledge is very useful and that pathology is the only medical speciality that can do this. Which it does not mean that we do not need other health professionals to work with us, on the contrary.

On the other hand, for the performance of FNA, there are other medical specialists that do perform it, but do not do the reading or diagnostics.

The SPC congratulates UEMS and EFCS in order to approve an European training but, as it has been strengthen, each national committee will be able to adapt to the national constrains.

Thank you for the hard work

Helena Oliveira

Laboratory of Anatomic Pathology
HPP Hospital de Cascais
Avª Brigadeiro Victor Novais Gonçalves
2755-009 Alcabideche Portugal
Phone: (+351) 21 4653000
Email: m.h.o@netcabo.pt